FRDP has distributed one-month food ration among one hundred families, belonging to different villages in Chotiaryon Union Council, Sanghar district on Sunday, July 18, 2021. The women received food packs to ease their families.

Chotiaryon is a small town and business center of the Achhro Thar (White desert), where people bring their products, mainly dairy and fish for sale and return back with essential items for domestic needs.

Fishermen used to depend on Baqar Lake for livelihood, which has been degraded due to blockages in feeding source from main Nara Canal. Since then the communities have lost their traditional sources of income.

100 families receive food packs on Eid ul Azha
100 families receive food packs on Eid ul Azha

The beneficiaries have been identified because of their vulnerability due to losing traditional sources of income and living under extreme poverty. They look happy while receiving food packs at this difficult time.

The event attracted a large number of community elders, beneficiaries and volunteers. Village Development Committee (VDC) as always played a leading role to facilitate the beneficiaries during their arrival and process of distribution.