Wazir Ali son of Muhammad Khan is a disable person. He resides in the desert village Paneli, Taluka Deeplo of Tharparkar district, which has around 300 households, almost all farmers and herders.

He at his twenties cannot understand how polio had victimized him in the childhood? But despite disability and facing problems in smoothly walking, he looks confident to perform well to ease his family.

The village is the last human settlement along the border area, locally known as Rann of Kutch.

Wazir Ali is younger among five siblings, three brothers and two sisters. The family has a few heads of goats and a grocery shop in the locality, which is source of their income.

The family of Wazir Ali is also among beneficiaries to use safe water from the newly installed solar-powered deep well by Fast Rural Development Program (FRDP) in the village.

Wazir is married and looks satisfactory to run domestic affairs by working hard despite problems. Besides Wazir Ali, there are around eight other disable persons in the village, whose nature of disability is different, like dumb, mentally retarded and polio victims.

He also joined the crowd of the people, who throng the water facility to inaugurate and showed their ownership. During the handing over ceremony, FRDP team has also given solar lanterns to the people present there to live safe.

Showing gifted lantern, Wazir Ali said “it will be helpful to take care of my small herd at nighttime.”

When disable persons show cheerfulness after receiving solar-powered deep well, lanterns
When disable persons show cheerfulness after receiving solar-powered deep well, lanterns

He tried to light his lantern to check and put a smile at his face.

Children present in the ceremony said they will use this solar lamp for studying at nighttime at their makeshift abodes, which do not have electricity.

Traditionally, there are old wells in the scattered village, whose water quality has been changed due to climatic variations some years back.

People look confident to have safe water from this newly installed solar-powered well to avoid health problems.

The villagers depend on rain-fed agriculture and livestock rearing for livelihood. It is after the last several years the desert people have witnessed low rain fall, which could not benefit the already cultivated crops.

Thus, in case of no rains, the people look uncertain, saying “it seems drought is looming over.” But this newly installed water facility has attracted the dwellers to raise hands for the prayers for those who have donated to them.