FRDP has distributed food packs among 45 women-led poor families in Misri Jogi Village in taluka Kaloi, Tharparkar district.

The women belong to sharecropper farmers and herder families living there through generations. They mostly work in agriculture fields to help their males in each and every work, ranging from collecting grass fodder for their animals to removing weeds and picking cotton and chilli.

The area is popular to produce cotton, chilli, onion and a variety of vegetables. These women also work on daily wages for picking cotton and chili and earn little money in return for their work.

Talking about the weather situation, the beneficiaries said last year’s rain flood in the month of September caused destruction and displacement and played havoc with them. The disaster destroyed standing crops. This year too they have received rainfall in September, which still continues.

45 women-led poor families get food packs
45 women-led poor families get food packs

They are unsure how to save the traditional crops and continue work at their farms.

Due to ups and downs in weather conditions the families are facing hardships in terms of saving crops and animals, which are assets for them.

In case of destruction by the natural disaster in the shape of rains they always experience difficulties. Because they have nothing to do after the loss.

After receiving food packs for a month long period they looked happy, saying “we are poor and at this difficult moment somebody seems to have recognized our situation of poverty and extended help.”