FRDP in collaboration with WHH successfully organized 4 days long camps at three locations (4 days at Naseem Nagar chok, 2 days wadhu wah gate and 2 days Gidu chowk) of Hyderabad city in response to recent heatwave. It was considered that the selected locations should be public places so that general population can get benefit from the heat relief camps.

The camps served the local population who has to go out of homes in hot day time and camps also benefited the inter-city passengers with the provision of drinking water, along with ener-gy drinks (ORS, Glucose, Tang, Jam e sheere Syrup). Camps were managed and supervised by FRDP staff and paid casual workers. The first aid facility was also available at camps, however no serious case found for first aid. The camps were functional from 10 am and continued till 4 pm. IEC material, leaflets were also distributed among the general population.

About 20,000 people facilitated at heat relief camps through energy drinks.