Welcome to the Fast Rural Development (FRDP) Tender page!

At FRDP, we are committed to bringing sustainable change to rural communities through our development initiatives. As a non-profit organization, we understand the importance of providing access to resources, education, and opportunities to enhance the standard of living for those living in rural areas.

We are inviting bids from qualified and experienced organizations to collaborate with us in the implementation of our various projects. We are seeking partnerships with organizations that share our vision of creating a positive impact in rural communities through sustainable development.


Tender Name Location Start Date Last Date Download
WHH-PAK-1124-23-FRDP-IFT-002-LPR(SR)-No-1220 Hyderabad – Sindh 27th May 2023 10th June 2023
IFT for Rental Vehicle Hyderabad – Sindh 11th April 2023 28th April 2023
TORs -FRDP_Hiring Consultant Strategic Plan Hyderabad – Sindh 22nd March 2023 5th April 2023
Invitation for Bid Document 225 Food Packs Hyderabad – Sindh 13th March 2023 20th March 2023
WHH-PAK-1124-23-FRDP-IFT-00-1LPR(SR)-No-1201-1202 Hyderabad – Sindh 11th March 2023 26th March 2023
ITB-RF-FRDP-SR-1451 Hyderabad – Sindh 6th Feb 2023 15th Feb 2023
ITB-FRDP-SR-1409 Hyderabad – Sindh 12th Dec 2022 20th Dec 2022
ITB-FRDP-SR-1412 Hyderabad – Sindh 16th Nov 2022 23rd Nov 20222
RFQ for Transportation Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
Tender – NFIs-CWW-CMIS-1223 Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
Tender – Rented Vehicles Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
ITB-Supply of Hygiene, Kitchen and MHM Kits Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
RFQ-Installation of Deep Bore Hand Pumps Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
RFQ for Laptop Macbook Air MGN63 Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
Pre-Qualification Application Form Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed
Tender_FRDP_SR_761_2021 Hyderabad – Sindh Closed Closed